Your Niche
Your Niche cover
Released under


Album ON Trax Vol. 4
Genre Breakbeat / Trance
Length 5:45
Released on 26 July 2012
Era LapFox Trax
Price Free
Artwork by Squeedge

Your Niche is a track released under Mayhem on the album ON Trax Vol. 4. It was originally released in July 2012 as a free single.

Release notes Edit

cramming a lot of fun ideas into one place with this one! super big uplifting trance buildups, cheesy synth lines, funky breaks, and hard house elements all come together on this track. had an absolute ball putting it together. enjoy!

Video Edit

Mayhem - Your Niche -ON Trax Vol05:46

Mayhem - Your Niche -ON Trax Vol. 4-

External links Edit

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