The following is the sample list for Yeah Yeah Baby Yeah Up In Here Yeah Baby Getcha Getcha, released under Truxton on Panic Protocol.

Sample ListEdit

  • TMNT: Turtles in Time - Sewer Surfin (0:00)
  • DEVO - Uncontrolable Urge (0:00)
  • Blondie - One Way or Another (0:46)
  • The Muffs - Kids in America (1:05)
  • Anthrax feat. Public Enemy - Bring the Noise (1:21)
  • Ren 'n' Stimpy - Happy Happy Joy Joy (1:31, 1:50)
  • DMX - Party Up (Up in Here) (1:33)
  • MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This (2:09)
  • Justin Bieber feat. Ludacris - Baby (2:12)

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