The following are the lyrics for XX, released under RQ on MEGA MEGA MEGA MEGA MEGA.

Lyrics Edit

I'm back again, spitting on the track again

I'm in this game for good, I'm never packing in

I'm never lacking in the skills you're slacking in

This year's the year that it's all happening

I'm in the mode, my vibes are skyrocketing

Shut the door; the vibes, they need locking in

This kid's too sick, nobody's stopping him.

And this shit that's what everyone's forgotten and

I got a lot of talent, you ain't off balance

And I'm gripping the game like bird talons

Holding the mic (yo) with a tight grip

When the rhymes come out my thoughts straight from my lips

Then I deliver a sick twist of lyrics

Never mimic or spit on real gimmicks

This mc's just in it just to win it

And I'm never gonna stop

So you better get with it

Feel the beat, feel the beat, feel the beat 

I make you lose control (x4)

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