WANDERLUST is a 9-track album released under The Quick Brown Fox.

Track listEdit

  1. LIFELINE (0:28)
  2. WANDERLUST (3:50) (lyrics)
  3. BAD DREAM BABY (3:14)
  4. VIVID (3:08) (lyrics)
  5. CRT (2:31) (lyrics)
  6. LINE OUT (2:40) (lyrics)
  7. 晴天の霹靂 (3:57)
  9. JUST HESITATION (3:19) (lyrics)

Release notesEdit

all music written and produced by The Quick Brown Fox
artwork by AQ McArson @

guest choir on "Wanderlust" is the following wonderful creatures:
Alex Lewis, Amber Couture, Ampyluxe, Anthony Gladpaw, Chrysomallos, Dan Brenner, Egor Akatov, Erik Kellogg, Glaze, Henning Rotstein, Hetsu Procyon, Hunter Coxe, Hybridblood, Jahcoba McLeod, Jordan Browne, Kelley Tigglespits, Kripto, Latice Vintrico, Lo Atienza, Logan Hughes, Loki DeAngelis, Mary Flaherty, Michael Cox, Mike Gerow, Miles McCorkendale, Namey Nameston, Oddisnum1, Quix, Rett Gerst, Samuel Perrichon, Samuel Web, Silver III, sndrec32.exe, TheLupineOne, Twigileia D, V1nc3n20, Vena Verna, Wusky


OUT NOW The Quick Brown Fox - WANDERLUST03:59

OUT NOW The Quick Brown Fox - WANDERLUST


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