Vile Vulture OST is a 15 track album released under PSURG Sound Team.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Let's Do This (00:51)
  2. Ravers Inna De Place (01:04)
  3. The Not-So-Vile Mile (02:44)
  4. The Rinse (02:16)
  5. Zack Space (04:27)
  6. Passing of the Dictator (02:12)
  7. These Are My Skies (02:33)
  8. The Collapse (02:39)
  9. Deep Deep Deep Dark (03:40)
  10. Run The Track (01:58)
  11. The Nightmare Machine (02:57)
  12. The God Machine (01:58)
  13. Shock Ahead Bruk Out (00:37)
  14. These Are My Skies (Reprise) (02:45)
  15. Reactivate (00:08)

Release Notes Edit

official soundtrack for the proposed-but-non-existent PSURG video game, Vile Vulture

all music written and produced by PSURG Sound Team 

design by PSURG @

Navigation Edit

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