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Truxton (full name Truxton Dogyuun) is an alias under the Halley Labs / LapFox Trax label who is a hellhound with no specific gender identity. Truxton's songs consist of many samples, usually even whole master tracks and parts of the originals, with very little original content. They have also made an album inspired by the "beat 'em up horror" game Splatterhouse, which contains trap, snap, and crunk tracks.



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Exiled from Hell for being far too positive for their liking, this young hellhound wanders the surface world in constant need of energy from the souls of the living to stay alive themselves. Putting on the guise of a mashup DJ, Truxton travels around the world performing at illegal underground parties, living off of the energy emitted from the crowds they perform for. Drifter. Constantly traveling, keeps acquaintances rather than friends. Even after living for over 100 years, is the life of the party. Almost obscenely upbeat and outgoing. Hard to handle in large doses. When not performing on the surface world, Truxton resides in the sewers. As a hobbyist builder, they assemble makeshift weapons generally created with musical items.

  • LIKES: Big cities, long bus rides, noise pollution, pop music.
  • DISLIKES: Copyright law, plane rides, the guy at the back of the party in the corner with their hood up.

Truxton was discharged from JUDECCA training for being a generally positive, upbeat creature, and was eventually tortured and exiled from hell, having their horns, fangs, claws, and right leg removed. Truxton was loaded onto the elevator to the surface world where they contacted GUTZ and requested replacement parts. Truxton has since been paying off their debt to GUTZ via payments earned through live DJ touring and by endorsing the GUTZ brand. [1]


  • Truxton is 5'7" and weigh 155 lbs.
  • Truxton was originally a character created by Ren that he used in the online game Second Life. Ren then decided to use Truxton as an alias with the release of the single Sorry We Missed You.
  • Truxton is named after a video game with the same name. They share this trait with Darius.
  • Truxton's last name is Dogyuun. This also refers to a video game of the same name. Coincidentally or not, both games were made by the same developer, Toaplan.
  • Ren has mentioned that "Most of Truxton’s cool looks aren’t natural. The horns, the hooves, the claws, the fangs - all prosthetic or replacement, provided by GUTZ." [citation needed]
  • It is implied through art seen through Second Life and Ren's comments that Truxton is in a relationship with Eugene. [2]
  • Truxton was originally intended to be on a separate mashup weblabel along with similar artists such as MUM-B1 from Mumble Etc. [3]

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