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Tracker's Draft is a 13-track album released under Kitsune².

Track listing Edit

  1. Spark (00:34)
  2. Burn and Fizzle (03:00)
  3. Load Up (01:55)
  4. Never Want to Be a Hero (02:50)
  5. Hey! Nice Seeing You (02:00)
  6. Calculated Corruption (02:50)
  7. Stompin' Baby (02:52)
  8. The Plan (01:32)
  9. And The Problem (01:29)
  10. Aggressor (01:52)
  11. Where Are You? (01:43)
  12. Universal Truce (03:12)
  13. Apologies (01:45)


The album was composed using the Yamaha YM2612 and YM2610 sound chips. The YM2612 was used in the Sega Genesis, while the YM2610 was used in the SNK Neo Geo.

Release notes Edit

all music written and produced by Kitsune²
illustration by squeedge @

Trivia Edit

  • A limited edition shirt was released to coincide with the album release, as with all recent releases.
  • Tracker's Draft is the first Kitsune² release since Star Road, in 2010.
  • The title is a reference to trackers, which are a form of music sequencing software. A screenshot from a tracker (more precisely, OpenMPT) can be seen in the background of the album artwork.


Trackers Draft Shirt

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