Tomba is a hellhound who is one of Ren's personal characters and Second Life avatars.

Biography Edit

Having grown up in a liberal family, Tomba was always encouraged to do whatever he needed to do to be happy. He's lived on his own since about 20 years of age, works at an electronics retail shop, and spends his free time creating abstract art and graphic work as an outlet for some mild frustrations, but mostly great happiness.

Tomba's dress style is influenced by typically male Korean outerwear (hoodies with minimal patterns and large necks), typically female European leg-wear (choppy and pleated skirts), and the unisex North American / Japanese long stocking + armwarmer look. Tomba has been crossdressing and experimenting with fashion since starting puberty at 12 years of age.

Tomba has no set partner, as he enjoys having friends that he can interact with on multiple levels, including sexual interaction. He jokes about being a "slut," but only interacts with trusted friends as partners, trying to experience all sexuality has to offer.

Personality Edit

Relaxed and non-confrontational. Quiet while at work. Takes time to loosen up around people, but is thereafter very outgoing and chatty. Optimistic. A bit flirty.

  • LIKES: Abstract art, existentialism, intimacy, sleep
  • DISLIKES: Gossip, lethargy, negativity
  • HOBBIES: Experimental media, mixology, sexuality [1]

Trivia Edit

  • Tomba is over 30 years old, Pansexual, 130 lbs, and 5’5 (165 cm). [1]
  • Like Truxton and Darius, Tomba also shares the same name as a video game.

Gallery Edit

Second Life Edit

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References Edit

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