Toluca cover
Released under

Jackal Queenston

Album Midwich / Toluca
Genre Jungle
Length 4:44
Released on 18 May 2013
Era LapFox Trax
Price Name Your Price
Bandcamp Toluca

Toluca is a jungle track released under Jackal Queenston on the album Midwich / Toluca. It was originally released on Ren's now-defunct Tumblr blog, DariusAlpha.


Toluca is composed entirely of sound assets from the video game Silent Hill 2. In this way it is similar to Midwich, the other track on the EP, although Midwich uses data from the first Silent Hill game. [1]


  • The track's name is a reference Toluca Lake, a location in the Silent Hill series of games.
  • The cover art depicts Pyramid Head, an antagonist from the Silent Hill series of games.

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