This Place Will Grow EP is a 6-track EP released under Renard.

Track listingEdit

  1. Good To Know You'll Be There (5:16) (lyrics)
  2. Even The Odd Found Love (4:56) (lyrics)
  3. Safely Admitting Jumpstyle Has Not Improved My Life In Any Way (3:23)
  4. Take Me To Space And Back (3:47) (lyrics)
  5. Why Am I So Angry (3:28) (lyrics)
  6. Sinisterrrrrrrrrr (Stupid VIP Shit) (4:10) (lyrics)

Release notes Edit

dedicated to anybody that doesn't understand how sampling can be used to create something that is entirely one's own - the people that don't understand one's identity is gathered from their surroundings. scavengers are survivors.

artwork by PSURG @ 
all tracks produced, mixed and mastered by Renard

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  • A phyiscal release was released via the PSURG BigCartel. [1]

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