This Broken City is an 11-track album released under Kitcaliber. It is the first release from the alias (second if the discontinued Kitcaliber EP is counted). Although it has a different name, the album is a remaster and extension of Kitcaliber EP.

Track listingEdit

  1. Destroy (2:53) (lyrics)
  2. Talkin' (2:17) (lyrics)
  3. Broken City (1:53) (lyrics)
  4. R.F.O.M. (1:58) (lyrics)
  5. Not Without You (2:53) (lyrics)
  6. Jackal Queenston - Life Force (Kitcaliber Remix) (2:36) (lyrics)
  7. This Sound! (2:07) (lyrics)
  8. Hopeless (2:11) (lyrics)
  9. Cracksound (2:08) (lyrics)
  10. Screwball (2:36) (lyrics)
  11. Still Here (2:27) (lyrics)

Release notes Edit

remaster + extend of the discontinued 2008 album.
all music written and produced by kitcaliber
artwork by psurg @

Trivia Edit

  • This Broken City had a physical release. [1]

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