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The Quick Brown Fox is a 22-track album released under The Quick Brown Fox.

Track listingEdit

  1. Intro (0:47)
  2. Numbnuts (1:57) (lyrics)
  3. Fresh Out (1:48)
  4. Jelly Donuts (1:39) (lyrics)
  5. 400 Cherries Per Minute (1:54) (lyrics)
  6. Shake Your Tail (2:43)
  7. Crush Everyone (1:34)
  8. Back Up (1:29)
  9. Here We Go (1:27) (lyrics)
  10. Coward Killing Time (1:54) (lyrics)
  11. Break (1:35) (lyrics)
  12. Big Money (2:54) (lyrics)
  13. Sugarkill X (2:33)
  14. Dragon Whips His Tail (1:56)
  15. Please (2:32)
  16. Brain Specialist (2:32)
  17. Snort A Lot Of Crack (2:45) (lyrics)
  18. Listen To My Shit (2:21)
  19. Play This In Audiosurf (1:35)
  20. Dino Rampage (2:10)
  21. Knocked The Fuck Out (1:03)
  22. I'm A Fucking Car (2:02)


  • Originally, this album only had 17 tracks. "Listen To My Shit", "Play This In Audiosurf", "Dino Rampage", "Knocked The Fuck Out", and "I'm A Fucking Car" were added when Vrooooom was discontinued.
  • This is the only not-discontinued Quick Brown Fox album whose name is not in all caps.

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