The following are the lyrics for The Best Game Ever, released under Detergent on Detergent.

Lyrics Edit

i'm standing in my favorite video store

just like i came and did the weekend before 

nobody wants to rent it 

nobody comprehends it 

everyone trusts the critics 

i say it totally kicks 

nobody ever rents this game 

i say i love it all the same 

they say it makes me seem obsessed 

but i think this game is the best 

i'm standing, i can't believe 

i just don't know 

it's not like it was 

just two weekends ago 

they went and tried to sell it 

sure enough someone bought it 

it was obscure and hidden 

but it was sold in the bargain bin 

i miss it / i want it / i need it 

my favorite / the only one i played 

nintendo sixty-four on my floor 

i think it just wants to be played more

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