The Beats With Two Backs is an 8-track album released under Adraen.

Track listingEdit

  1. Sunnyville (2:56) (lyrics)
  2. Save The World! (2:47)
  3. Hello, Atmosphere (2:11)
  4. Planet X (3:03)
  5. Exploring the Reaches (2:16)
  6. Killin' Your Dudes (2:28)
  7. We Need A Hero! (2:21)
  8. For Better Or For Worse (3:57)

Release notes Edit

all music written / produced by Adraen. 
artwork by Plastic Surgery @


we join adraen as he BLASTS through EARTH'S ATMOSPHERE with his FIST OF VENGEANCE and SUPERPOWERS! adraen lands safely on Planet X, home of the alien leader trying to conquer earth, when suddenly he's confronted with the EVIL PLANET X ARMY OF SPACE SQUIDS! can he make it out alive?! adraen defeats the EVIL SQUID ARMY OF PLANET X, but planet x's leaders ESCAPE in the confusion! adraen soars through space, trying to find their new hideout, on a mission to CRUSH AND DESTROY THEM! adraen finds the EVIL RULER OF PLANET X hiding out in a space station after chasing him ACROSS THE GALAXY! adraen invades their station and AWESOMELY RUINS THEIR SHIT HARDCORE with his FISTS OF BRUTALITY! right before he defeats the evil ruler, though, the evil ruler LAUNCHES A NUKE DIRECTED AT EARTH! how will adraen SAVE THE PLANET?! adraen RACES through space to destroy the rocket headed towards earth, heroically smashing through asteroids and dodging balls of EXTREME SPACE FIRE! he latches onto the rocket and tries to steer it from its course, but no luck! the story comes to a close as adraen chases down the rocket headed STRAIGHT FOR EARTH! he latches onto the side, but can't destroy it from the outside! in a feat of selflessness, adraen rips the side panel from the rocket and climbs in, destroying it from the inside! an explosion is seen by the people of earth below, but adraen never came back home. [1]

Trivia Edit

  • The album's title is a play on the euphemistic metaphor "the beast with two backs".
  • A physical release was released via the PSURG BigCartel. [2]

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