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She's An Angel (Renard RMX)
She's An Angel (Renard Remix)
Released under


Album evereffervescent
Length 02:53
Released on 16 August 2014
Era LapFox Trax
Lyrics Link
Bandcamp She's An Angel (Renard RMX)
She's An Angel (Renard RMX) is a track released under Renard on the album dethrone. It is a remix of The Queenstons' track, She's An Angel, from the album Sensorium

Release notesEdit

thanks to the $10 patreon tier for suggesting to revisit some older more serious music in an outrageously silly and fun fashion ♥

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to the album's release, it was released for free on Ren's YouTube account, with its own cover art, and then briefly released on evereffervescent, where it remained until the announcement of dethrone.


FREE TRACK The Queenstons - She's An Angel (Renard RMX)02:55

FREE TRACK The Queenstons - She's An Angel (Renard RMX)

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