SR388 Aflame is a canceled 26-track album released under Furries in a Blender. [1]

Track listing Edit

  1. sanodg - Rareheroes (Wikked Remix) 
  2. The 68000 Heart on Fire
  3. Kannonkore
  4. Waiting For The Night
  5. Violet Kingdom
  6. Reach Out
  7. Woody Lake (Remix) 
  8. Skweg
  9. Not Candy
  10. Ridorii
  11. Crazy
  12. I Am Sinistar (lyrics)
  13. Slam This Joint
  14. Radioactive Rats
  15. Don't Hold Back
  16. Calls From Their Loved Ones
  17. What Are You Inside
  18. Expedition
  19. Hardcore Disco (lyrics)
  20. Detergent - Kung-Fu Fighter (Remix) 
  21. Love Me
  22. Your Brother 2010
  23. Atmos Break
  24. Omicron Complex - Sleepy Eyes (Remix) 
  25. Eat This
  26. SR388

Release notes Edit

special nonstop megamix - not available digitally (though the tracks are taken from several digital releases)

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