SPL Runner
SPL Runner cover
Released under


Album ON Trax Vol. 3: RELOAD
Length 3:16
Released on 8 February 2012
Era LapFox Trax
Price Name Your Price
Artwork by Squeedge
SPL Runner is a track released under Mayhem on the album ON Trax Vol. 3: RELOAD.

Release notes Edit

From YouTube Edit

a bit more vile, unfriendly, and loopy than most of the previous mayhem stuff, but that's just how it wound up! this was an absolute joy to work on, and i'm sure at least some of you will get a kick out of it. enjoy! [1]

From Tumblr Edit

Tiny Toons on the NES has a great soundtrack, and the main line from this piece is just a tiny clip of the triangle channel from the haunted house levels on a constant loop (granted, with a nice fat effect stack). it’s a really weird and funky pattern of notes that lent itself really well to something nice and heavy. [2]

Video Edit

Mayhem - SPL Runner -ON Trax Vol03:17

Mayhem - SPL Runner -ON Trax Vol. 3-SPL Runner

References Edit


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