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SOUTH MANSION is an 8-track album released under Truxton, and is the first release in the LAPFOX EXTREME HALLOWEEN SERIES. It draws inspiration from and heavily samples the Splatterhouse games. [1] [2]

Track listingEdit

  1. VOMITBREATH (1:59)
  2. SHOTGUN JUGGLE (2:20)
  3. D (2:58)
  5. ANTICHRIST (3:14)
  6. THE WORM FEASTS (3:49)
  7. DEADER (2:59)
  8. SENTO NEL CORE (3:49)

Release notesEdit


the LAPFOX EXTREME halloween series is here for 2012! TRUXTON brings the first volume to the table with SOUTH MANSION, 8 TRAP, SNAP, and CRUNK inspired tracks based on the SPLATTERHOUSE soundtracks by MILKY EIKO, K TAJIMA, and Y KAWAMOTO

snag it for whatever price you deem fit! support is super appreciated~!
artwork by CUTEOSPHERE: [2]

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