SLIP'N'SLIDE is a 5-track name-your-price album released under BANDETTO.

Track ListingEdit

  1. sundrain (5:23)
  2. speedy snail (aka slow rocket) (5:50)
  3. sexy sexy sandpaper (3:12)
  4. sexy sexy sandpaper (140 VER.) (2:30)
  5. sexy sexy sandpaper (180 VER.) (3:54)

Release notes Edit

Music produced by BANDETTO
Artwork by LigerNekoka @


  • sexy sexy sandpaper and its remixes were originally released on SEXY SEXY SANDPAPER, but after removal of the album, were re-released on SLIP'N'SLIDE.
  • sundrain, speedy snail (aka slow rocket), and sexy sexy sandpaper (excluding the remixes) were included on the physical release of BAD_COMMAND.
    SLIP'N'SLIDE textless

    Textless version of the album cover.

Navigation Edit

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