Ruv 4 U How U Ruv
Ruv 4 U How U Ruv
Released under


Album Breaking Boundaries
Genre Raggaeton
Length 3:26
Released on 26 September 2009
Era VULPvibe
Price Name Your Price
Artwork by Squeedge
Lyrics Link
Ruv 4 U How U Ruv is a track released under NegaRen on the album Breaking Boundaries. It was originally released for free via the VULPvibe Free Bandcamp before being released onto Breaking Boundaries.

Release notes Edit

some more fun... uh... happy hardcore dancehall raggaeton? from NegaRen! enjoy!

Composition Edit

The track samples vocals from Major Lazer's Pon De Floor. [1]

Physical Edit

Ruv physical

The physical copy of the track.

A single physical copy on Ruv 4 U How U Ruv was created in 2012 and sold on April 26th on the PSURG BigCartel store. [2] [3] It is a seven inch one-sided 45rpm vinyl disc and is meant as a test press for possible vinyl releases. [4] [5]

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