The following are the lyrics for Role Play, released under Detergent on Detergent.

Lyrics Edit

Everyone says RPGs are gay

They complain that the turns take all day 

If you can't sit and wait your turn 

I'll cast a magic spell and make you hurt 

Some people say RPGs 

Feel like frontal lobotomies 

If you don't stop complainin' 

I'll get my Paladin to cut you open 

I'll role play all the time until I die (oh-oh-oh!) 

Role play all the time till I die 

I'll play the best games till the day that I die (oh-oh-oh!) 

Playing RPGs till I die 

I'm gonna play them for hours 

I'll play them while I take my showers 

I love to play RPGs 

Especially Final Fantasy 

I sit in my office and play them all day 

My boss says if I don't stop he's going to fire me 

But that's okay because you see 

I found life's true meaning and it's RPGs

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