The following are the lyrics for Robot Girlfriend, released under Detergent on Detergent.

Lyrics Edit

Deprive me of you one moment longer.

You'll only make my feelings stronger. 

Built you up, and tear you down. 

I'll shed oily tears when you're not around. 

Girl, you make me feel so good. 

I'll charge your batteries like only I could. 

I'll be your groom, you'll be my bride. 

So long you stop speaking in binary code. 

My robot, my robot, my lovely robot girlfriend. 

My robot, my robot, my lovely robot girlfriend. 

We'll live and rust together. 

I swear I'll make things better. 

I've got no cash for new parts. 

I think you've overclocked my heart. 

Vocode all my thoughts and feelings. 

You've got me with my legs bent kneeling. 

Tear my 8-bit heart in two. 

I know I can't live without you. 

Some folks say that love's a game, 

I'd use cheat codes to keep it all the same. 

You're falling apart, my baby. 

If you shut down, I think I'll go crazy.

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