r is r who is r is an 8-track album released under hyi.

Track listingEdit

  1. passthru (1:46) (lyrics)
  2. huge paws (2:45) (lyrics)
  3. 65 & 1 (3:37)
  4. we all burn (1:06) (lyrics)
  5. swat (2:04)
  6. midpoint (4:40) (lyrics)
  7. source of ice (2:29) (lyrics)
  8. people live a long time (2:55)


  • Ren describes this album as "not a sequel or a prequel [to about], just an opposite." [1]
  • people live a long time samples a piano track from Darius - Adam from ON Trax Vol. 7.
  • Ren has stated that the album "shoulda probably been [released under] RQ laji-2" [2] This is also seen on the Future Bullshit cassettes, which include swat. [3]


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  2. Ren's comment on /r/lapfoxtrax
  3. LapFox / Halley newsletter

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