Port Tanzia RMX
Port Tanzia RMX cover
Released under


Album ON Trax Vol. 6
Genre Chiptune
Length 2:11
Released on 16 November 2013
Era LapFox Trax
Price Name Your Price

Port Tanzia RMX is a chiptune track released under Kitsune² on the album ON Trax Vol. 6. Prior to the album's release, it was available as a free download on Ren's music tumblr. On 8 January 2014, it was re-released on weasyl.


Port Tanzia RMX is a chiptune cover of the Port Tanzia Theme from Monster Hunter 3. It was composed using both the NES's internal 2A03 sound chip and the Konami VRC6 expansion chip.

Release notesEdit

From tumblr
chip cover / remix of that fucking monster hunter song
From weasyl
a cover of the Port Tanzia theme from Monster Hunter 3 originally composed by Yuko Komiyama


  • The song was credited to Ren Queenston in its initial Tumblr release.

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