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phwoa is a 1-track album released under Halley Labs Associates. It is one of the longest releases to date, ranging at 53 minutes.

Track listing Edit

  1. phwoa (53:05)

Release notes Edit

"eh srio phwoa · phwoa ha ni"

- Anonymous phwoa inscription (Romanized)

Recommended listening instructions: lossless (FLAC, et al.) audio, a comfortable dark (or eyes closed) + quiet space, high quality headphones (semi-open or open). I can not guarantee this piece of audio can be fully enjoyed in sub-optimal conditions.

The stream available on this page should only be used as a way to see if it's something you'd enjoy. Bandcamp streams at 128kbps and does not treat this work well.

This album has been mastered with wide dynamic range, and may be quieter than other audio. Please adjust volume accordingly.

Sound & concept by Halley Labs Associates
39:07 to 42:29 formerly "charger" produced by Aurastys 
Illustration & art concept by recobox @
Recorded & engineered at Halley Labs, APR-JUN 2016 
Mixed & mastered at Halley Labs, JUN 2016

Projects like these would not be possible without the continued support of the beautiful people on Patreon @

Newsletter notes Edit

"phwoa" is here and you can get it right here. thank you for waiting for it. i hope you enjoy the history of the phwoa and their world. and of course, a shirt is available as well, with the stunning cover illustration by recobox.

Trivia Edit

  • The album's download includes a version of phwoa with "an alternate exaggerated, strange, infinitely spacious stereo image for those looking for something a bit strange on special occasions".
  • The cover image is "not characters and [...] not a logo. it's an abstract interpretation of the music."[1]
  • Before phwoa's release a free track named First Memories of Phwoa Clan was released which served as "a lead-in to a lot of the ideas used in phwoa but in a hardcore setting."[2]

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