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This is an ongoing project that is hidden by design.
Do not upload or link any content from the project, unless content is publicly released by Ren themselves.

Patreon EP is a 3-track EP released by Furries in a Blender on Ren's Patreon, and only to the highest tier ($10) of supporters.

Track listing

  1. The Right Place (4:00)
  2. Jenny (3:56)
  3. パイタン - LEMON SUMMER (FIAB Remix) (3:09)


  • The third track is originally by パイタン (Paitan), and is from the Bemani SOUND VOLTEX series of rhythm games. [1]
  • This is the first release under FIAB since Ren announced that the alias would be discontinued. Ren chose to release it under FIAB, as the songs were all made before FIAB was retired. [2]
  • The Right Place and the EP's cover artwork were later publicly released onto B-SIDE U: 2015, under the name Emoticon.
  • Jenny was publicly released onto B​-​SIDE U: 2016 VOL. 1.

Release notes

$10 TIER EXCLUSIVE EP of tracks i've only played during streams at one point or another. figured i should toss some goodies out since i've been on vacation! ♥




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