Panic Protocol is an 8-track album released under Truxton.

Track listingEdit

  1. Alexandrian Ricochet Sphere (5:11) (sample list)
  2. Bitch Clap (3:56) (sample list)
  3. Dumb Track (4:10) (sample list)
  4. Choo Choo (4:43)
  5. Yeah Yeah Baby Yeah Up In Here Yeah Baby Getcha Getcha (03:13) (sample list)
  6. White Dog Problems is What's Up (04:30) (sample list)
  7. Hellfire Hounds Invade the Earth (3:45) (sample list)
  8. Automaton Astrosmash (5:41)

Release notes Edit

all music written by and copyright its respective owners, even if those copyright owners had no part in creating the original work and just happened to have the contracts to yank it out of the artists' hands.

all audio fussed about with by T. Dogyuun, although he's not responsible for actually writing what you're listening to. love and respect to all the original artists, producers, writers, and creators of the used and abused work.

artwork by feat guts by and design by R. Queenston


  • The Japanese text on the cover was meant to read "パニック" (panic), but ended up looking like "パニシク" due to a design error. [1]
  • The original cut of Yeah Yeah Baby Yeah Up In Here Yeah Baby Getcha Getcha was released on the Patreon Exclusive Series.
  • Bitch Clap, Yeah Yeah Baby Yeah Up In Here Yeah Baby Getcha Getcha, Dumb Track, Hellfire Hounds Invade The Earth and Choo Choo are included on the physical release of HELLHOUND.

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