The following are the lyrics for Painkiller, released under The Queenstons on What You Do EP.


your hurried sense is like a drug
your hand strokes through my hair
the taste of copper on my tongue
let me show you how much i care
a wave of ecstasy comes down
crashing right into my chest
i take a glance up at the clock
don't let it end yet

a broken leg might hold me still
the pain rushes through me i love how it feels
tearing through my outsides reaching in
don't be careful let's begin
your true intentions your true colours
mine are red, but yours are others
i'm not so sure if i like what you're doing
but i don't care

my bruised body tied up snug
your hand colliding with my face
i start to bleed out of my mouth
and you know i love the taste
a wave of ecstasy comes down
i'm caught in the undertow
i need a breathe before i drown
but i don't wanna go

a heavy silence crashes down to my lips
i forget how to speak / i forget how to breathe
your nails dig deep against the bone of my hips
i don't want to break / i don't want to leave

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