ON Trax Vol. 2 is a 14-track name-your-price compilation album consisting of tracks from many aliases.

Track listingEdit

  1. Jackal Queenston & Aurastys - Glow (2:54)
  2. NegaRen - Do I Remember (2:47)
  3. Renard - NOW! That's What I Call My Ass (Shrek's Geocities Homepage Mix) (04:51)
  4. Jackal Queenston - The Strong One (4:54)
  5. G-DARIA - Heartsifter (3:38)
  6. Aurastys - Whatever Pleases The Steel (4:04)
  7. Furries in a Blender - Synapse (feat. Entity and Lawlzy) (6:00)
  8. Jackal Queenston - Re-Animated (4:10)
  9. Kitsune² - The Steel Monster Above The City (2:42)
  10. Mayhem - Dan's Got A Fever (3:47)
  11. G-DARIA - Soulcrusher (3:43)
  12. MGD Sound Team - Future Destination (2:12)
  13. The Quick Brown Fox - All Y'all Bitches (1:40)
  14. Aurastys - LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL (1:18)

Release notes Edit

all music written and produced by denoted artists 
artwork by


  • Heartsifter and Soulcrusher were originally released under Jackal Queenston & Sonitus Vir, but Renard changed the alias to G-DARIA "just for fun", "nothing else really works" and "Jackal Queenston & Sonitus Vir didn't make sense". These songs, and G-DARIA, became the basis for the alias Darius.

Cover gallery Edit

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