No Time To Waste
No Time To Waste cover
Released under


Album B​​-​​SIDE U: 2016 VOL. 2
Length 5:37
Released on 29 October 2016
Era Halley Labs
Price Free
Artwork by Squeedge
Bandcamp No Time To Waste
Mediafire No Time To Waste

No Time To Waste is a track released under NegaRen on the album B​​-​​SIDE U: 2016 VOL. 2.

Release notes Edit

this will end up on the next B-SIDE U release, no NegaRen release planned right now. just thought i'd get something fun out for y'all. been dealing with some health issues so work has been slow. take care and have a fun Halloween! ♥

Trivia Edit

  • The track was originally called NegaRen is Dead on Patreon, but the track name was changed by Ren out of fear of people misinterpreting it as NegaRen retiring.

Video Edit

NegaRen - No Time To Waste05:38

NegaRen - No Time To Waste

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