Nemphyss is one of Squeedge's characters. She is not a LapFox Trax alias, but she has appeared in a few pieces of official artwork.

Biography Edit

Nemphyss is a shy and solitary creature who prefers to keep to herself away from civilization, only taking solace in the company of reptiles. She is simple-minded and lives by instinct more than anything else, as logic is not a concern and her emotions do not run very deep. Despite that, she can be playful in the right setting and tends to be completely enthralled by even the most mundane of occurrences.

  • LIKES: Solitude, snakes, crocodiles, reptiles in general, swamps, moss, carrion, bones, Halloween, collecting trinkets, swimming/wading, forests, insects
  • DISLIKES: Crowds, large cities, noise pollution, clothing, dry climates, cooked meat
  • HOBBIES: Jewelry making, wood carving, playing with snakes, sleeping, basking, drooling, getting her tail stuck on logs

ORIGINS: Nemphyss started as my "fursona" way back in 2006, and has steadily evolved into something else... if anything, she's more of a spiritual extension of myself, and has broken off from my personality to form her own character. I still identify with her strongly, though.

INSPIRATION: Reptiles, Halloween, dragons, campy horror themes, movie monsters, shamanism, New Orleans Voodoo [1]

Trivia Edit

  • Nemphyss is 177 cm and weighs 250 lbs. [1]
  • Squeedge has stated that Nemphyss doesn't wear much.
  • Nemphyss is not into sexual themes, despite being drawn sexually in the past. [2] An example would be the cover artwork for Love is Delicious.
  • Mulch is somewhat of a pet companion for Nemphynss.

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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