Neko is one of the aliases used in the Mungyodance series. His appearance is that of a three-tailed Koi fish adorned in black and yellow rave clothes. He produced Hard Dance music and had one single, Light Emitting Diode, released under VULPvibe in 2008. He was later retired.

Prior to September 1st, 2005, [1] Neko was Ren's primary alias. [2]


Singles Edit

Other appearances Edit

Mungyodance discography Edit

Mungyodance (Beta) Edit

  •  ?
  • Gaudi - Bad Boy Bass!! (1X1Y1Z Remix) (vs. DJ Remo-Con)
  • Bang! (released as an Emoticon song in Mungyodance)
  • Bean R
  • Cinema
  • Generic S-R
  • Half-Spirit (released as a Sonitus Vir song in Mungyodance)
  • Hungarian Dance No 5
  • If I Were a Belmont
  • SamplingMasters MEGA - Rottel-Da-Mercury (Neko's Double-H Mix) (vs. SamplingMasters MEGA)
  • Set
  • Spirit
  • Theme of Mungyodance (vs. Lollipop) (with Hecate)

Mungyodance Edit

  • Forget September (originally announced in the Mungyodance beta songlist as a Sonitus Vir song and rereleased in Mungyodance 2 as an Emoticon song)
  • The Legend of HARBL

Mungyodance 2 Edit

  • Light Emitting Diode G
  • Megawatt (originally released in Mungyodance as an Emoticon song featuring Sonitus Vir)
  • Rocket Punch!! (originally released in Mungyodance as an Emoticon song featuring Sonitus Vir)
  • Rocktronica

Mungyodance 3: The Third Rave Edit

  • Light Emitting Diode X
  • Tower of Science (feat. N. Sato)

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