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NegaRen is an alias under the Halley Labs / LapFox Trax label who is a fox (referred to as a "pumpkin fox") that produces a fusion of happy hardcore, speed dance, and moombahton which Renard has jokingly referred to as "next-gen miami speed bass". NegaRen can be recognized through his telling use of half-time breakdowns uitilizing the Dem Bow rhythm. As his name would imply, NegaRen is basically a "negative" version of Renard, which is the reason for his "inverted" coloring.

Work under the alias is only released between late September-November, and is primarily a Halloween gimmick. As such, much of the work under the alias arguably bleeds into what would regularly be released as Renard.


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  • NegaRen is 5'2" and weighs 115 lbs. [citation needed] This strangely makes him 2.5 inches shorter and 15 lbs lighter than Renard.

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