Monarch of Death Rave is a 6-track EP released under Rotteen.

Track listing Edit

  1. Terrible Time at Sanctuary (3:56) (Prog Death Rave)
  2. OHHH NOOO! (4:25) (Error Breaks)
  3. Dark Pyramid FM (3:36) (AM / FM Beats)
  4. Crane's Rage (4:34) (Nu-Old Gabba)
  5. MiKU iS STiLL ALiVE! (4:44) (Rave Revival)
  6. Planet Belligerence (4:37) (Alien Techno)
  7. MiKU iS STiLL ALiVE! (DJ ver.) (5:42) 
  8. OHHH NOOO! (DJ ver.) (5:24)
  9. DJ Snaggletoof - Death Rave Megamix (24:54)

Release notes Edit

Bandcamp Edit

T1 add'l bass sequencing by Darius Halley
T2, T8 add'l sequencing by Emoticon
T5, T7 originally by Azrael-II
T9 mixed by DJ Snaggletoof
Recorded & engineered at Halley Labs, JUL-SEP 2016
Mastered by Darius Halley @ Halley Labs, SEP 2016

Illustration work by recobox @
Design & video by Ren Queenston

Newsletter Edit

It's finally here! 6 tracks of completely batty, kind of anxious, wickedly manic rave madness! Includes 2 extended DJ edit tracks and a nonstop album mix by DJ SNAGGLETOOF. You can get it RIGHT HERE or through the wild promo video above.

Monarch of death rave newsletter

You can also pick up this wicked shirt line from the HALLEY LABS apparel shop if you want to support recobox, the artist responsible for the illustration and character design work on this awesome project.

This one has been quite a while coming and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Thank you for your continued support. Keep an eye out for an exciting announcement tomorrow.

Trivia Edit

  • The abbreviation of the album title spelled backwards is RDM, Rotteen's initials.
  • The epilepsy notice at the beginning of the trailer is a reference to Sony Wonder's FBI warning.
  • The additional characters on the cover are, from left-to-right and top-to-bottom: Tweesee, Azrael, Happy, Thunder, Ren, and B. Happy, Thunder, and B were created specifically for the cover. [1]
  • MiKU iS STiLL ALiVE! is named after James Brown Is Still Alive, an answer track to James Brown Is Dead. [2]
  • The design and font of the final logo is a reference to the musical festival Thunderdome.
  • The vocals used in Planet Belligerence are taken from The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers.
  • On Ren's BMS FILES page, an alternate mix of Planet Belligerence is credited to B. [3]

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