Mnemonic is a 19-track album released under Sonitus Vir. It was originally released under sno.lukav, with 17 tracks.

On March 16, 2015, the album was added to the LapFox Trax Bandcamp as part of the Vulpvibe Selections as "important enough to [the] overall body of work to offer in flac..."[1] It featured a significant artwork change, like many of the restored albums. The typography, layout, and background design were all completely redone. In addition, beta instrumental versions of Colour Theory and Moonshine were added.

Track listingEdit

  1. Mnemonic (1:44)
  2. Cries Of The North Star (2:49)
  3. Chill Me (1:25)
  4. Leave It (2:24)
  5. Seaview Point (2:26)
  6. Colour Theory (2:38)
  7. Grazing Gazelle Under The Moon (3:09)
  8. Lost In Heaven (0:56)
  9. Moonshine (feat. Foenix) (3:34)
  10. Rising Smoke (1:42)
  11. Machine, I Am (2:39)
  12. Dream Dweller (2:28)
  13. What They Say (2:28)
  14. The Moon Lights My Way (4:28)
  15. Action Taken Upon a Cinema (1:39)
  16. You Know (2:13)
  17. Pageturner (2:18)
  18. Colour Theory (Beta Instrumental) (2:40) (Vulpvibe Selections rerelease)
  19. Moonshine (Beta Instrumental) (3:07) (Vulpvibe Selections rerelease)

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all music by Sonitus Vir

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