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The MGD Sound Team (short for Mungyodance Sound Team), also known as MGD-Crew or MGD Assault Force, was an alias under the VULPvibe Records label. The songs are made by aliases who made music for the Mungyodance series, and therefore vary in genre. They were often represented character-wise by Emoticon, Renard and Jackal Queenston.


Albums Edit

Other AppearancesEdit

Mungyodance discography Edit

Mungyodance Edit

As MGD-Crew Edit

  • Bandwidth Positive
  • Breakneck Bombing Run (Crew Remix)
  • Capacity!
  • Sic Fic
  • Story (feat. Kitsune²)
  • Sunrise (feat. Kitsune²)

As MGD Assault Force Edit

  • Creation
  • San Francisco

Mungyodance 2 Edit

As MGD-Crew Edit

  • Crew Christmas (with Ryvard)

Mungyodance 3: The Third Rave Edit

As MGD-Crew Edit

  • Be With You (feat. Sprinkel Bunnies)
  • Breakneck Bombing Run (3mix)
  • Infinite Blue (feat. Pinky Larude and MC BBQ)
  • Infinite Blue EX (feat. Pinky Larude and MC BBQ)
  • Playground

As MGD Assault Force Edit

  • Speak Sins

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