Halley Labs / Lapfox Trax is a one-person record label by Ren Queenston. They publish a large amount of electronic music under the label, using various aliases as visual representation. Each alias produces a different genre of electronic music.

Lapfox Trax was previously known as VULPvibe Records. Lapfox Trax has been operating for over a decade, with over 200 releases and 30 different aliases.

Upcoming releases

Renardq sprite SHOUNEN BASS! TURBO
Eugene sprite Neo-Grotesque

Latest releases

NAVIGATION research NAVIGATION bside17 1 NAVIGATION ssri NAVIGATION nerve NAVIGATION bandetto selection
2014​-​CURRENT / selected research B-SIDE U: 2017 VOL. 1 ssri_sessions NERVE'S ENDING BANDETTO BEST SELECTION
NAVIGATION gamefication NAVIGATION bside16 2 NAVIGATION breaking the body NAVIGATION low NAVIGATION trax absolute
EGO GAMIFICATION B​​-​​SIDE U: 2016 VOL. 2 mind breaking the body low ON TRAX: THE ABSOLUTE

Did you know...

  • ...that some of A PICTURE OF FINN FARTING's song titles were originally capitalized "properly", but this was changed when someone joked with "caps lock the album", referring to the album name's capitalization (which always was in all caps)?
  • ...that the track Simple Forms has a hidden message in it, viewable only through the original source file for the song?
  • ...that Darius is named after a video game series of the same name?
  • ...that D.FREQ.CRUSH's genre is referred to "shmuppunk", a reference to shoot 'em up, a video game genre Ren is particularly fond of?
  • ...that the "X" insignia seen on Jackal Queenston's outfits is an homage to the Rebel Army from the video game Metal Slug?
  • ...that "hyi" is Finnish for "ugh"?


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Editing Advice

Use the <br> tag to end a line:
Append <br> to the end of a sentence, and anything after it will appear on a different line. The line break is significantly smaller than the break from just skipping a line.

‘Cause no stag will get me down <br>
I’m not that buck no more <br>
So when you come back lookin’ <br>
I’ll be on the dance floor

Results in:

‘Cause no stag will get me down
I’m not that buck no more
So when you come back lookin’
I’ll be on the dance floor

Electronic Music

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