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  • ...that some of A PICTURE OF FINN FARTING's song titles were originally capitalized "properly", but this was changed when someone joked with "caps lock the album", referring to the album name's capitalization (which always was in all caps)?
  • ...that the approximated fees for sample licensing for Hellhound, if it were to be done legally, was calculated to be approaching $2,000,000 USD before the album was finalized?
  • ...that Darius is named after a video game series of the same name?
  • ...that D.FREQ.CRUSH's genre is referred to "shmuppunk", a reference to shoot 'em up, a video game genre Renard is particulary fond of?
  • ...that the "X" insignia seen on Jackal Queenston's outfits is an homage to the Rebel Army from the video game Metal Slug?
  • ...that "Klippa" is Swedish for "rock" or "boulder"?

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WANDERLUST is a 9 track name your price album released under The Quick Brown Fox.

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