The following are the lyrics for Kung-Fu Fighter, released under Detergent on Detergent.

Lyrics Edit

Kung-Fu fighting is pretty neat

Facing down some baddies, I give them the beats 

But my life's not perfect, this thing brings me down 

I have not discovered how to turn around 

I can't turn around, yeah I can't turn around 

It's too much to handle, I fall to the ground 

But that doesn't matter, 'cause I've still got my girl 

Despite that one fault, I'm still her whole world 

I was walking down the street 

Confident my skills were really sweet 

Then some dudes in pyjamas jumped me from behind 

I could not defend for that's my blind side 

I could not defend, yeah I could not defend 

I had to flee to save my rear-end 

I left them behind, I'm safe from them now 

But I can't find my girl, 'cause I still can't turn 'round 

It's been twenty years, I'm still trying to get back 

'Cause going 'round the world is one heck of a walk 

It took most of my life, yet I made it back home 

But now I am doomed to a life alone 

'Cause my girl found someone better than me 

He can turn right around, now she's happy as can be

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