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Kitsune² (also known as Kitsune^2 or Kitsune Squared) is an alias originally created for the Mungyodance series of games. He later appeared under the VULPvibe Records and LapFox Trax labels. He produces video game inspired chiptune and demotune tracks.




  • 8AM (December 2009)

Other appearancesEdit

Mungyodance DiscographyEdit

Mungyodance Edit

Mungyodance 2 Edit

  • Animal Technics
  • Continue
  • Countdown to Insanity (with Hecate)
  • Flat n' Simple
  • Hardcore Disco (Kitsune² Remix)
  • Emoticon - Lick My Plump Fox Nuts (as a featured artist)
  • Malevolent Bobby-Soxer
  • Naradno
  • Pink Rhapsody
  • Smac't
  • Speedy
  • Sunnyday Heroes
  • Lollipop - This Night (as a featured artist)
  • VGCats Theme (with Emoticon)
  • Wac't

Mungyodance 3: The Third Rave Edit

  • April (with Emoticon)
  • Brother Madonna
  • Calculate
  • D-Mode-D - Dreams (MGD3 Remix) (as a featured artist)
  • Everybody Rush
  • Firebird
  • D-Mode-D - It's Not Over (as a featured artist)
  • Jetpack Cutie
  • Liebe
  • Please II (vs Renard)
  • Smashtro (with D-Mode-D)
  • Speed Strike
  • The Dream Master (vs Sonitus Vir)


  • Kitsune² is 5'3" and weighs 115 lbs. [citation needed]
  • Kitsune is Japanese for fox.

Gallery Edit

Navigation Edit

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