Kitchen Dub
Kitchen Dub cover
Released under


Album B-SIDE U: 2015
Genre Drum and Bass
Length 4:12
Released on 14 October 2015 (free single)

23 December 2015 (album release)

Era Halley Labs
Price Free
BPM 135
Artwork by SHOUT
Bandcamp Kitchen Dub
Mediafire Kitchen Dub
Kitchen Dub is a track released under RQ feat. Jackal Queenston on the album B-SIDE U: 2015.

It was originally released as a free single.

Release notes Edit

illustration by SHOUT @

photography by Ren Queenston

thank you to all of the awesome people supporting me on patreon @ - as i go deeper into my creative work, things take more time, and free releases wouldn't be possible without their support! ♥

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