Judge is a male hellhound who is one of Ren's Second Life avatars. He is mentioned to be in a important position of power in Hell. [1]

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Judge picks up younger boys at clubs (typically ones that get in with fake IDs) and brings them back to his office where people pool money to see him. Afterwards depending on how he feels, Judge either give the boy some and has him leave or kills him and sells off the body. Judge needs to keep his status as being powerful, so he plays it all completely straight faced and mean-looking, even when he wants to let himself go and actually enjoy himself. Sometimes he'll take them back for a private session where he does let go and smile and really make love but to keep his status intact he kills them afterwards so nobody finds out. [citation needed]

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  • Judge may possibly have the most alternate designs out of any other character designed by Ren.
  • Judge's left eye has mydriasis from a head injury. It also caters to the left side of the body being slightly heavier on dark accents. [citation needed]
  • The black patches on his fur are soul sludge stains where it leaks from his pores, because he’s constantly digesting stuff to stay powerful. [citation needed]
  • Judge is named after Judge Spear - a ship in Raiden, a scrolling shooter by Seibu Kaihatsu. [2]

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