The Quick Brown Fox cover
Released under

The Quick Brown Fox

Album The Quick Brown Fox
Genre Speedcore
Length 0:47
Era VULPvibe

Intro (The Quick Brown Fox) is a track released under The Quick Brown Fox on the album The Quick Brown Fox.


The track features a text-to-speech program voice known as Lawrence (from GoAnimate) as a narrator. Canon in D plays in the background. The narrator tells the audience basic information about speedcore, but is interrupted by a record scratching sound and a never-heard-before sample of Heather from the Total Drama series telling him to "go fuck himself".

Transcript Edit

  • [Music - Canon in D]
  • Narrator: Hello, and thank you for joining us. Today we have invited a special guest, The Quick Brown Fox, to introduce to us the basics of a modern form of electronic musical art known as Speedcore. Speedcore is a form of hardcore techno that is typically identified by its high rate of beats per minute and aggressive themes. Speedcore tracks often contain elements of its musical brethren Gabber and Breakcore. Some artists are content to sample shouted obscenities and incorporate these samples into their music.
  • [Record scratching sound]
  • Heather: Go fuck yourself!
  • [The music quickly reverses]

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