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Identity will not save you textless

Textless version of the album cover.

Identity Will Not Save You is a 10-track album released under The Queenstons. Many songs from the album are experimental and stray from the drum and bass style that is typical of the alias.

Track listingEdit

  1. Woodgrain (5:23) (lyrics)
  2. Ritual (4:15) (lyrics)
  3. The Heat (3:57) (lyrics)
  4. 9V (3:00) (lyrics)
  5. Terror (3:36) (lyrics)
  6. Woodgrain (Vocal Track) (1:45)
  7. Ritual (Vocal Track) (1:55)
  8. The Heat (Vocal Track) (0:27)
  9. 9V (Vocal Track) (1:43)
  10. Terror (Vocal Track) (2:34)

Release notes Edit

all music by The Queenstons 
3D modeling by 
Figurehead design by

Trivia Edit

  • A early version of The Heat was released on the Darius Alpha work blog, credited under Renard. [1]
  • A VIP edit of 9V was originally released as an exclusive with the physical release of Identity Will Not Save You, but was later fully released on ON Trax Vol. 7. [2]

Cover gallery Edit

Physical release Edit

References Edit


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