i can't wait to be sad and alone on the edge of the universe is a 10-track album released under hyi.

Track listingEdit

  1. sleep start (2:27)
  2. s.s.s.s. (1:18) (lyrics)
  3. troubletwin (1:41)
  4. was awful (3:03)
  5. osc stream (2:24)
  6. rootstairs (2:31)
  7. misery (2:38) (lyrics)
  8. super sour (3:14)
  9. give in (3:07)
  10. s.s.s.s. (reprise) (1:09) (lyrics)


  • 4 tracks of bonus production materials are included with the full download: instrumentals, early versions, and long cuts of ambient pads generated for use throughout the album.

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