I Prefer The Sky
Sensorium cover
Released under

Furries in a Blender
The Queenstons

Album I Prefer The Sky


Length 4:25
Released on 2007
Era VULPvibe
Simfile I Prefer The Sky (song)

I Prefer The Sky is a track released under Furries in a Blender on the album I Prefer The Sky and later under The Queenstons on the album Sensorium. The track appeared on Ren's compilation I Think It's Kind Of Fucked Up That It's Taken Me This Long To Come Close To Figuring Out What The Fuck I Am But I Have To Be Okay With That So I Don't End Up Hating Myself For Eternity, So Here's What I've Got So Far, Or At Least Some Things I Like A Bit. The track was remixed by Renard and released on Come Get Some and on the physical version of Rainbow Dash Likes Girls.


This song was originally released under D-Mode-D in Mungyodance 3: The Third Rave.

I Prefer the Sky-bg

The cover artwork from Mungyodance 3: The Third Rave.

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