Released under


Album ON Trax Vol. 2
Genre Experimental
Length 3:38
Released on 23 November 2008
Era VULPvibe
Price Name Your Price
Artwork by Ren
Heartsifter is a track released under G-DARIA on the album ON Trax Vol. 2.

Release notes Edit

From Weasyl Edit

available on ON Trax Vol 2:

this was originally released under another alias, but upon final release, the alias was retired, and i decided to just give it a one-off name. i was on a high of the G-Darius and Shadow Hearts scores at the time of writing (it's somewhat obvious at points!), so i went with G-DARIA (no Shadow Hearts name relation here). at this point, G-DARIA can be seen as a starting point for the Darius alias.

Video Edit

G-DARIA - Heartsifter03:41

G-DARIA - Heartsifter

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