hard hop 9th system
Hard hop 9th system cover
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Album B​​-​​SIDE U: 2016 VOL. 2
Genre Hip Hop
Length 4:12
Released on 27 June 2016
Era Halley Labs
Price Free
BPM 105.949
Artwork by Recobox
Bandcamp Hard hop 9th system
Mediafire Hard hop 9th system
Simfile Hard hop 9th system
Hard hop 9th system textless

Textless version of the cover art.

hard hop 9th system is a track released under BANDETTO on the album B​​-​​SIDE U: 2016 VOL. 2.

Release notes Edit

surprise! ♥


Newsletter Edit

hot off the presses is a new free BANDETTO single with heavy hip-hop beat, ridiculous rave stabs, and silly scratch action. you can nab its art on a shirt too!

Video Edit

BANDETTO - hard hop 9th system -+ NEW SHIRT-04:12

BANDETTO - hard hop 9th system -+ NEW SHIRT-

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