LapFox Trax-Halley Labs

The current Halley Labs logo.

Halley Labs (pronounced as hay-lee labs) [1] is the current "studio" and label used for Ren Queenston's music, used in conjunction with the LapFox Trax label name. [2] Twenty-three aliases are currently 'signed' to the label.

Background Edit

On August 13, 2015, the LapFox Trax Bandcamp was renamed to HALLEY LABS. [3] However, the LapFox Trax name is still in use, such as on the LapFox Trax YouTube channel and official merchandise.

Aliases Edit

Active aliases Edit

Inactive or retired aliases Edit

MGD Exclusive Aliases Edit

These aliases had no official releases. However, many songs from the Mungyodance games were originally attributed to them.

Trivia Edit

Halley labs early

Older version of the Halley Labs logo.

References Edit


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