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HELLHOUND is an 8-track album released under Truxton.

Track listingEdit

  1. Tuff Guy Not Tuff (2:43) (sample list)
  2. Plan Your Own Party Kit (2:34) (sample list)
  3. Sorry We Missed You (2:38) (sample list)
  4. Real Trap Piss (2:49) (sample list)
  5. Canada Was The Largest Eurodance Market Outside Europe (3:21) (sample list)
  6. Really Hungry Really Tired (3:20) (sample list)
  7. Golden Hardness (3:58) (sample list)
  8. Blues' Day (1:35) (sample list)

Release notes Edit

From the album's "sample credits.txt";

"HELLHOUND" contains many samples by an incredible amount of musicians that have served as some sort of inspiration to me. they have influenced my writing, my production, and my life. a number of them have changed culture immensely. whether or not you are a fan of the following artists, musicians, lyricists, performers, or producers, their work should be respected, as it is irreplacable as part of "HELLHOUND" and as my life and popular culture.


Trivia Edit

  • Billy Joe's Dubstep Adventure was a track that was intended for the initial album release, but was then quickly deleted from Ren's official YouTube channel, and then removed from the album (there are claims that the song was included on an early version of the album, but not on later ones). They later said in the comments of another HELLHOUND track that they were unhappy with how it turned out, and thus decided to drop it. However, the track was later rereleased onto ON Trax Vol. 7.
  • The album was originally released as a free download without the option to pay any amount due to it being "a piece of culture-driven entertainment", but was later uploaded to Bandcamp. It was the first LapFox Trax release to have a dedicated website created for its release, but the website has been shut down due to a change in hosting providers and has yet to be reuploaded.
  • The physical release included 5 tracks from Panic Protocol at the end of the CD (Bitch Clap, Yeah Yeah Baby Yeah Up In Here Yeah Baby Getcha Getcha, Dumb Track, Hellfire Hounds Invade the Earth, and Choo Choo).
  • The approximated fees for sample licensing for the release, if it were to be done legally, was calculated to be approaching $2,000,000 USD before the album was finalized. [1]

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