The following are the lyrics for Great H Returns, released under The Queenstons on evereffervescent. They are also used in the "ravebreaks" version.


so you're back from space
you got a look on your face
like you saw something great
well i'm back from space too
and i found something new
but my story's gotta wait

it doesn't matter what i've done
if you're gonna step on my shoulders
to act like the taller one
something is showing through the cracks
in your skin

i thought you were a humanoid
like me a humanoid

i rode so many cosmic rays
i ruled so many galactic days
i wanna say i've overcome
all of the problems that i faced
and i've still got spare energy
so you know the next time you're around
you're gonna have to deal with my universal sound
blasting through like mothafuckin' starlight

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